Our history

begins in November 1996, when we were in a retreat for young people at the Oblate’s house in Pozuelo, near Madrid. We were between 18 and 21 years old and we belong to youth groups of oblate parishes from different cities from the North or South of Spain. Some of us have felt in our heart the call of Jesus to follow him, to stay with him and to share his mission and we thought: “If I was a boy, I would be Oblate Brother”. We have talked about this with our spiritual directors but it was not possible as there were not Oblate Sisters with the same spirituality and charisma as Saint Eugene.


They kept this into their hearts. In this time, they put us in contact and we met all together in secret. Saint Eugene had been canonized last year and, after all, we had grown up as Christians next to him. We were missionaries in our families, schools, with our friends... We were used to pray, we went daily to the mass, but God was asking us to give to Him all our lives as consecrated women, as “oblatas”.  On the 14th September 1997, nine of us have started living in community. During the first week we studied and praying Oblates´ Constitutions and Rules, just writing them in feminine and we chose the Superior General for our Community. 

In September 1998 we received our first official documents with our approval as Public Association before being a Religious Institute. 

On the 9th September 2001 eight sisters took vows: 4 took final vows and 4 temporary vows. We decided to wear habit as sign of consecration and poverty.

Oblatas 2001.TIF
We are

Currently, we are 21 sisters from seven different countries (Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Peru, France and Slovakia). We live in four communities, located in Madrid and Segovia (Spain). As well we have a little community in Germany since 2017.

Our Charism

Always close to

the people

As women consecrated to God, we live the same charisma as the Oblates:
     "To bring the Good News to the poor."

Our mission
We live

To announce

the love of God to the people

Manos amigas

To welcome

those whom the Lord places on our path

En una roca junto al mar

To accompany

life and faith


in community

Together we discover and live the Gospel.


for the mission

Our ministry includes diverse pastoral activities. We work in parishes, among the youth, in catechism; we have vocational and missionary work (like parish missions), also cooperating with the Oblates of several nations. We have launched some volunteer and missionary activities for young people in North Morocco and Peru. 




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